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Millbury Public Access is a place where ordinary people can create content which is cablecast through our cable systems.  It is a First Amendment forum where the producer holds editorial control.

Millbury Public Access is located in Millbury High School, and has been open to the public since 1995.  Public Access in Millbury started off solely as the Educational Access Channel bringing home basketball games, school plays, concerts, and graduations to the residents of Millbury.  


In 1995 that all changed, Public Access built a full functional studio and purchased all of the equipment necessary to have a full fledged studio with editing capabilities, which we did not have up to that point.  We also added the live televising of Board of Selectmen meetings.  In 1999, the High School underwent some renovations and public access was shut down for a few years.  In 2004, the new and improved Millbury Public Access opened in their new studio with a part time Public Access Coordinator. This allowed us to add Planning Board meetings to the list of meetings that were televised.   At that time we were open from 5:30pm to 9:00pm Monday – Friday.  


In 2009 Millbury Public Access hired a full time Public Access Director.  This allowed us to cover more meetings and offer more to the community.   We are really looking forward to what the future brings for Public Access in Millbury.  There are two employees here at Millbury Public Access to assist you with any production you can think of.


Millbury Public Access Cable Television works with Charter Communications and Verizon to establish improve and maintain cable services to residents.  We post and update notices on the community bulletin board Channels 191, 192, and 194 for Charter Customers and Channels 24, 26, 28 for Verizon Customers. Millbury Public Access is funded solely by grants from Charter and Verizon; we do not use tax money to fund our organization. 


Educational Access Television is set aside to fulfill the needs of the School District.  We televise Millbury School Committee Meetings (when scheduled) and many productions produced by High School Students, which gives residents a chance to see inside the walls of the High School and gives a better understanding of what kinds of events happen during the school year.


Governmental Access Television is a resource of our town hall/municipality. This channel is available to residents to post announcements, or meeting notices, and this is where you will find “LIVE” Government Meetings, as well as the re-broadcast of those meetings.


Millbury Public Access is YOUR TV Station!  WMPA is available to any resident of Millbury 18 years or older to produce and star in an original TV Show.  If you have a hobby or something interesting to share with your community, come to Public Access and put it on TV.  Are you a member of a civic group or organization that is interested in finding new members or advertise a not for profit event?  Come to Millbury Public Access.


Millbury Public Access offers FREE production classes for residents of Millbury 18 and older.  The Production Classes run 1 night a week for 6 to 8 weeks.  We will train you in every aspect of production, from how to come up with an idea then how to get that idea on film and make it a reality.

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