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Millbury Public Access offers FREE production classes to any Millbury Resident 18 years old or older.  As part of the production classes you will learn many different aspects of television production.  We will help you every step of the process, from how to come up with the idea to how to shoot the video and finally how to edit the video you shoot.  
The production classes include: 


An Introduction to Public Access TV - What is Public Access? How does it work? 


A Tour of the Studio Facilities - What can I use and how do I use it? 


Camera Operation (in the field and in the studio) - How hard could it be? 


Audio and Microphones – Do microphones really matter? How do they work? 


Lighting – What do we need extra lighting for?  The image looks fine. 


Crew Positions – Be Producer, Director, On Air Talent, Camera Person, or Editor 


Editing – Can we edit that part out?


We can’t do that without your help!

Call us today to begin you television career! 508-865-0847


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